At eRAIL Commerce our vision is to become the single, most comprehensive information and communication platform within the North American railroad industry. Our focus is to provide the railroad shipper with all the tools necessary to effectively employ rail in their company - from short term railcar and locomotive leasing, sub-leasing, purchases and sales to all modes of transloading, packaging and warehousing; as well as consulting and negotiations.

Moreover, our vision for eRAIL extends further: we want to enable other industry stakeholders like railroads and suppliers to achieve a more lucrative rail trade by combining the vast communication capabilities of the internet with an educated and professional sales force. We are bringing an extremely powerful tool to your fingertips. This innovative resource will facilitate the ease of doing successful business more than ever before.

Currently, trying to find a rail product or service can be frustratingly difficult, as the existing online options lack continuity. Searching through hundreds of different websites while looking for specific information is time consuming with mixed results. Consequently, we have created eRAIL Commerce to function as your "one-stop rail shop." Our goal is to unite buyers and sellers of all rail products and services in a centralized online marketplace.

   Locomotive Sub-leasing
   Railcar Sub-leasing
   Finding Storage

We offer all these services and more:

•  Short-term railcar leasing and sub-leasing to increase fleet utilization
•  Assist in negotiation of leases, purchases and sales
•  Rail equipment financing including railcars and locomotives
•  Railcar inspections and appraisals
•  Railcar design and engineering
•  Market idle railcars
•  Assist in finding railcar storage
•  Market and advertise available railcar storage
•  Connecting shippers and transload service providers
•  Connecting shippers and transload equipment manufacturers and lessors
•  Bulk liquid and bulk material packaging facilities
•  Commodity and material warehousing
•  Market industrial parks and development sites and other railroad real estate

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